When not spending my days toiling away as a web developer for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I live in Oak Ridge, TN with my wife Rachelle and our daughter, Emily. As I write this Emily just turned one year old. You can find plenty of photos of Emily in my Flickr photosteam.

Contact Information

I can be reached by email at robbyedwards[at]gmail[dot]com.

Some Personal Details

I played alto saxophone and baritone saxophone throughout junior and senior high school. My favorite saxophonists are Branford Marsalis, Gary Mulligan and Paul Desmond. I also composed a short piece for concert band, which was performed by my high school band a couple of years after I graduated. I wrote the piece in 1991 to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of Mozart’s death in 1791 and the passing of Leonard Bernstein in October 1990. I juxtaposed the styles of the two great composers. For Bernstein, I chose to use modern jazz melodies, rhythms and instrumentation. And for Mozart, I choose to use the sonata form, which was a common musical form used by Mozart and his contemporaries in the Classical period. When I have some time, I’ll digitize the recording and put a link to it up here.

In August of 1992, my parents, older brother and I were living in Miami when Hurricane Andrew came through town. We had chosen to stay in our home and ride out the storm. Big mistake!!! We were in the house when a big boom sounding like a howitzer came from our living room. It turns out that part of the roof of our house was violently removed by the wind and the windows of our living room were actually blown out of place. We spent the remainder of that night huddled in a bathroom-the only room in our house with no windows in it. And despite the trio of hurricanes which criss-crossed Florida in 2004, my family is reluctant to leave South Florida. I am happy to report that this time around nothing remarkable happened.


RobbyEdwards.com is a tumblelog. It used to be the domain for my blog, Abstract Musings. Then this website became a hub for my digital presence. Over time I posted to my blog less and less, as I was posting more frequently on Flickr. Last year I discovered Tumblr and started posting bits to a tumblelog. In February 2008, I decided to turn this website into a tumblelog full-time.

This website runs WordPress using a custom theme I developed to suit the tumblelog format. A bit of custom scripting helps pull in the bits I have scattered around the Internet.

Previous Versions

Here are some screen shots of the previous versions of this website.

Abstract Musings

Abstract Musings Screenshot
The first site on robbyedwards.com was a weblog called Abstract Musings. Originally, started on Blogger, the blog was moved to this domain in January 2005.

RobbyEdwards.com Version One

RobbyEdwards.com Version 1 Screenshot
In November 2005 for the Fall CSS Reboot, Abstract Musings was redesigned and moved to a subdomain, while this site became a portal for my online presence.

RobbyEdwards.com Version Two

RobbyEdwards.com Version 2 Screenshot
In February 2006, Abstract Musings was moved to its own domain and this site was redesigned as a mix of weblog and digital hub.