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I’ve got answers.

What Are Feeds?

Feeds are documents which are published by many websites (primarily, weblogs and news organizations) containing summaries of the content posted to the website. Subscribing to a website’s feed allows you to keep up with the most current published information from the particular website.

There are several formats of which RSS, RDF, and Atom are the most common.

How Do I Subscribe to a Feed?

You will need a feed reader (also, known as an aggregator) to read the content published by a particular website. At periodic intervals, the reader will check the websites to which you have subscribed, and deliver the current content to you. There are many different feed readers; some are web-based and others are typical computer programs. Lately, I have been using Google Reader as my primary feed reader. In the past, I have used NewsGator Online, which synchronizes with FeedDemon, a Windows application. For Mac OS X, you can use NetNewsWire or Safari’s built-in RSS capabilty. Bloglines is another popular online reader. Using a web-based aggregator is useful when you happen to be away from whatever desktop reader you use.

XML, RSS, RDF, Atom. Ouch, my head hurts from these computer terms. Which format should I choose?

Regardless of what online or desktop reader you use, you should be able to read feeds in all of the most common formats, so don’t worry that you might miss something by not subscribing to one or another type of feed. Just choose one and enjoy!