Comments. I got rid of them. I know this is going to be contentious. My current view on comments is I really don’t like them — at all, anywhere on the internet. I’m all for communication between author and reader, but comments are the lowest possible denominator. More often than not, they bring out the absolute worst in people.

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mkg completely disagrees, loves comments, and can’t see why should anyone blog if he or shes not interested in what readers think.

I’m extremely intereted in what readers think—but many readers don’t think when leaving comments. Once in a while you get a really brilliant one—but it’s about 1% post spam filtering. Another 9% or so are arguably worth their bandwidth. If somebody leaves a comment you want to respond to, there’s no way to get in touch with them. Comments are to communication what bathroom stalls are to art or poetry. Once in a while there will be a real gem—but you’re usually better off combing through the monkey-typewriter transcripts.

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