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Jul 14

strat?chery by Ben Thompson | Friction

strat?chery by Ben Thompson | Friction Change is guaranteed, but the type of change is not; never is that more true than today. See, friction makes everything harder, both the good we can do, but also the unimaginably terrible. In our zeal to reduce friction and our eagerness to celebrate the good, we ought not […]

May 1

The Internet and Plagiarism

John Scalzi on the effect of the Internet on plagiarism and attribution:

The other thing here, which is also a consequence of the online world, is that I think writers today have less fear of being seen attributing really interesting ideas to others rather than claiming them as our own, because after all that’s what we do online all the time, via linking. It’s still nice to be brilliant and have great thoughts, but there’s also increasing value in showing that one intelligently aggregates and comments on other people’s brilliance and great thoughts, because then people come to you for those aggregation and commentary skills. It’s valuable to be a conduit, basically, and not just a font. I suspect this will over time also help to tamp down the plagiarism impulse, at least among the more intellectually secure writers. One hopes it will, anyway. But if it doesn’t, there’s always that first thing.

—John Scalzi: Another One From the “People Who Really Should Know Better” File

Apr 7

What does someone do when their internet gets too full? Write a snail mail request to be removed from the internet.

Mar 18

The Internet Has Always Been Social

The idea is that the new web, ‘Web 2.0’, is introducing the concept of social networks to the internet as opposed to the ‘old’ web which was just corporate marketing. Of course this is ridiculous. If the internet has ever had a single defining feature, it is its social nature. The internet was originally nothing but interpersonal communication. Anyone remember bulletin boards, Usenet?

—Glenn Slaven: Everything old is new again